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Siem Reap

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Siem Reap is the capital of the province which shares the same name. The river that cuts through the city to reach the reservoirs of Angkor is also called Siem Reap. Siem Reap has undergone a transformation in 15 years, from a small fishing village to a bustling and growing town. Here you will find all types of accommodation, from dorms to five star hotels.

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Sihanoukville, also known as Kompong Saom. This seaside town is primarily an active seaport, and was even during the Pol Pot regime. The beaches near Sihanoukville were the choice holiday destination of affluent Cambodians on vacation from 1995 onward. Today, it is the number one weekend destination for Phnom Penhites. There is a luxury hotel (Sokha Hotel) as well as a myriad of small, boutique hotels.     

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Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and as such the economic and political heart of the kingdom. The large hotels are more oriented towards business travellers, but the city is full of independent, small hotels, the famous "boutique hotel".

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Kep, a wonderful little seaside town, with its historic colonial villas, its Crab market and lush mountain backdrop. A little paradise on Earth. An absolute must see…

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Battambang is a city in Western Cambodia, the capital of the province of the same name bordering Thailand. It is the second largest city in the country (its population is estimated at 300,000), and has been the main shopping center of the western provinces for more than 500 years, with a mix of Thai, Laotian, Chinese and Khmer ethnic groups.

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Ban lung

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BAN LUNG: Capital of the Rattanakiri region. A high mountain town that still is home for several ethnic communities.

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Pursat (or Pouthisat) is a city in Cambodia, the capital of Pursat province. It lies across the Pouthisat River, a tributary of the Tonle Sap.

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PAILIN: On the border with Thailand, this area is known for its precious stones, but also for its casinos.

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PREAH VIHEAR: Located on the northern border with Thailand, this small town, with a 12th century temple of the same name regularly makes headlines, due to the long running dispute with Thailand over access rights to Preah Vihear Temple. In recent times the temple of Preah Vihear has become a symbol of the kingdom.

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Sen Monorom is the capital of Mondolkiri province. A large park of wooded mountain that is pleasantly cool. In fact it’s about 10 degrees of difference with the plains of Cambodia. At certain times of the year, one might think oneself in the Swiss Jura mountains!

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KRATIE: Small town located on the banks of the mighty Mekong river. It contains some small architectural gems, hidden here and there. It’s mostly known as a base to view the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins found in family pods a few kilometres from the town.

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The province of Koh Kong is located on the southwest coast of Cambodia, bordering Thailand. Its main tourist attractions are its natural features; wild beaches, mangroves, pristine coastline, jungles and the massive Cardamom mountain ranges which contain an extremely rich fauna and is home to ethnic minorities “Pears” and “Saochs” who are still relatively undocumented …