EXCLUSIVE tours for you!

EXCLUSIVE tours for you!

Sports and activities in Cambodia

Tailored to the number of days you have available, the sites you want to visit and your level of fitness we can personalise trekking or mountain biking tours all over Cambodia. (Biking tours may be on or off-road or a mixture of both).

See the temples of Angkor or the provinces of Cambodia. We can arrange it for you.

Ideas for trekking and bike tours

Ideas for trekking and bike tours

Contact us now and we can create an exclusive circuit for you!

A taste of what Cambodia has to offer for the trekking or biking enthusiast:

Siem Reap and its temples are on flat terrain but there are some exceptions like the Phnom Krom on the shore of the Tonle Sap Lake which offers four to five kilometres of steep slopes. Then, further afield, about forty kilometres from Siem Reap Kulen mountain is a wooded area, a paradise for trekking and cycling.

The site of Preah Vihear on the northern border with Thailand is now easily accessible and offers a beautiful trek to reach the top of the hill that houses the temple.

Pailin is a hilly and green province bordering Thailand to the west of the country where there are many treks or cycle routes that will delight nature lovers.

Ratanakiri province is also very hilly and offers many possibilities; exploring waterfalls, mines of semi-precious stone, walking in the footsteps of disappearing minorities, Jaraï cemeteries lost in the Forest, etc...


The biggest challenges for fans of cycling are to be found in Mondulkiri, because there are very, very steep slopes! It’s also a trekker’s paradise with routes through the lush jungle and hills.

The coastal Kep region offers hiking in its national park but also in many other places, and for cycling this region offers many possibilities that will lead you to the famous Kampot pepper fields, sea salt marshes, and secret beaches, to the discovery of the charming city of Kampot and beyond.

And the area of Battambang in the North West of the country is a wonderful place for bike rides to discover Angkorian temples, old houses, the museum, and pagodas etc. Highly recommended! 

All of these options and many more known to us that we keep secret to prevent too many visitors. Contact us to arrange a tour and we will make sure you see these pockets of natural beauty too.