Cambodia in July

Cambodia in July

The rainy season

Cambodia: When to go?

Cambodia, like any other equatorial country, has only two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy season - the monsoon. The first runs from November to May/June, the second from May/June to the end of October.

The European summer months of July and August fall during the rainy season.

Can Cambodia be visited during the monsoon?

Absolutely, the monsoon rains are intense but rarely last more than an hour and often we have several days without rain, it rarely rains more than once a day during the monsoon season.

If you are visiting the temples when it rains, you will always find a courtyard or vault to shelter you. In town, a nearby café can offer a dry spot to relax and watch the rains as they fall. You will notice the temperatures dropping after the cooling, cleansing rains.

Furthermore, the rainy season is the period when nature catches its breath. The landscapes grow visibly, the dust accumulated on roofs and branches are cleaned in the first rains: Cambodia becomes green and resplendent again...a wonderful time to visit. Not to mention the various discounts and special offers from hotels and restaurants during the “green season”.

Cambodia in May

Cambodia in May

Hot but quiet

It is often hot in May. April and May are the hot months ahead of the arrival of the monsoon (which in principle starts mid-June). Visiting the temples in the afternoon can be very tiring, but the definite advantage is that you will visit the temples with few others and you will have the opportunity to see and discover the temples as we saw them in 1997.

There are fewer tourists in this season. So, not only will you be relaxed and at ease when visiting, you will also benefit from the seasonal discounts. Hotels offer up to 70% discount, tuk tuks rates drop, restaurateurs will unwind their red carpet and so on.

Visiting Cambodia in May can prove to be a very, very good deal!!

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