Gérard Thevenet

Gérard Thevenet


With more than ten years of experience planning and arranging tours in Cambodia, WAM wants to tailor a tour to suit you! Tailored travel at the price of a package tour!

A team of experts are led by Gérard who has lived in Cambodia since 1993, married a Cambodian woman and raised a son here. He knows every corner, loves the population and is keen to share the joys of Cambodia with you.

With WAM there are no middlemen, so savings of direct bookings with the service providers means savings for you. Gérard and his team also know the best guides, hotels, activities etc. to offer you a high quality, unforgettable tour.

Gérard wants you to share his love for Cambodia, to make you love it too. Why refuse?

Gérard Thevenet

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