Natural Cambodia

Tour Cambodia with WAM and discover the natural and cultural splendour of the Kingdom of Wonder.


Experience local Cambodian village life, customs and culture first-hand


From rice farming, rubber plantations and fruit cultivation to ox pulled carts on Mekong islands and floating villages on the Tonle Sap lake, experience typical Cambodian village life across the country through homestays and rural visits. Spend time with the local communities learning their customs, explore regional towns, browse local markets and learn to cook Khmer cuisine, creating lasting memories of your visit to Cambodia.


During your tour you’ll visit remote villages that construct bamboo stilted bachelor houses annually and others that practice funeral statues and erect totems. You’ll see the wide and varied people of modern Cambodia and learn a little of their traditions.


Discover the natural wonders and rich wildlife of Cambodia


See the lava plains and crystal clear volcanic crater lake of North Eastern Cambodia, traverse the mighty Mekong river and witness family pods of endangered Irrawaddy dolphins playing in its waters. WAM will take you to the largest waterfall in Cambodia surrounded by forests teeming with birds, as well as into valleys where elephants roam. You’ll see life on the Tonle Sap, the largest fresh water lake in South East Asia with great bird watching opportunities and hike up hillsides to witness the fantastic view of the plains around.


Explore Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage


Let WAM show you Angkorian temples across the land, with seldom visited temples, mountain top national symbols and pre Angkorian rock relief carvings in hillsides and river beds. Visit sprawling ancient capital cities and long lost to the forest walled temples all with experienced guides to explain their history and importance. In addition to the magnificent Angkor temples themselves you’ll visit Banteay Chhmar noted for its fine carvings depicting ancient battles as well as every day 12th century life, and Banteay Srei with arguably some of the finest stone carvings in the world.


Discover this rich and diverse land, truly the ‘Kingdom of wonder’.

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